Eye Tests

See the difference.

Our eye exams provide you with a comprehensive overview of the condition of your eyes, performed by our experienced, professional in-house Optometrist using only the latest and highest standard of equipment.


A closer look.

The interior of your eye will be examined using an ophthalmoscope; your pupil reflexes will also be tested. We offer Retinal Photography as part of our routine eye exam, this gives the optometrist a chance to view the retina and asses the health of your eyes and spot any early stages of any underlying problems.


Don’t forget…

If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, remember to bring them with you when you attend your eye examination. Your vision will be measured both with and without glasses or lenses to check for any problems with your eyesight.


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WA005 V01

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TF5312 002

Starck Biozero SH1365