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What Is Bespoke Eyewear And What Are The Benefits

Bespoke eyewear is the ultimate in personalisation if you’re bored with the same old look. So if you’ve spent years searching for frames that suit your face and fit perfectly, tailor-made glasses could be the solution. 

Check out why bespoke eyewear from our opticians in Newark could be a great way to transform your look and your lifestyle.

Why go bespoke?

If you’ve ever experienced difficulty in finding glasses that fit perfectly and look great, it’s time to go bespoke. 

Most frames are designed for a standard face shape. But at London Eye Bespoke Eyewear, we believe you don’t have to resign yourself to wearing glasses that are uncomfortable or that don’t suit your aesthetic. Instead, we’ll provide a styling consultation and help you find the perfect pair of comfortable glasses that you’ll adore wearing.

Choosing a bespoke eyewear service gives you the chance to pair frames you love with tailored lenses. 

Forever unique

A bespoke pair of glasses is a unique way to make a statement. Tailor-made eyewear lets you move away from the norm and get involved in finding the ideal frame shape and the perfect fit. 

If you’re looking for a bold and unusual colour or signature shape, the frame brands we offer provide fantastic choice. First, we’ll find out about your lifestyle needs during your eye test and one-to-one styling consultation. Then we can help you find the perfect frames to complement your look. Our styling consultants are knowledgeable and passionate, and they love to help you curate your flawless look.

Individualised fit

Whether you need frames for all-day comfort in the office or to stand up to your active lifestyle, we’ll help you find eyewear that’s right for the life you live.

Our eyewear stylists will help you find frames that make you look great and ensure they fit comfortably, too.

Customised style

At London Eye Bespoke Eyewear, we love talking about eyewear, and choosing bespoke frames means you can benefit from our passion and expertise.

Understanding your lifestyle means we can find frames that are a great match with your signature style. So whether you’re searching for something bold and vibrant or classic and sophisticated, we promise to pair you with the perfect frames to suit your vibe. 

Surprisingly affordable

How many times have you wasted time and money choosing frames that don’t really suit your look?

You might think going bespoke is outside your budget, but there’s a fantastic range of options that make bespoke affordable for anyone. We work hard to provide the frames you crave at every price point. We can even offer easy payment options so your dream frames aren’t out of reach. So instead of wasting money on the pairs that don’t work for you, you can invest in eyewear you’ll love.

Work with the experts

Choosing bespoke eyewear means you’ll be working with our experts, from stylists to opticians. So you’ll get involved throughout the process, from selecting frames to discussing lens requirements. It’s a great way to elevate the experience of choosing eyewear.

You’re always in control. So once you’ve chosen your new frames and lenses, we’ll ensure your bespoke eyewear meets all your expectations.

Bespoke frames from London Eye

Bespoke eyewear is a brilliant choice if you know what you want but have difficulty finding the perfect frames for your lens requirements. Book today for your styling consultation, or get in touch to learn more about our made-to-measure range.

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